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NOVA ROTORS (Screw Pump Diamond Series)


Nova Rotors presents its new range of progressive cavity pumps named Diamond Series. In future they will substitute the actual series.


Nova Rotors presents its new range of progressing cavity pumps called the Diamond Series.
Completely renewed mechanics to increase the performance with a new aggressive design. These pumps are completely reversible. Available a wide pumps range.

• One stage stator with long pitch geometry to improve the performance.
• Reversible flow up to 3 bar as standard: Up to 12 bar with hydraulic balance.
• Pump fixed to motorization with a pin to permit the reversibility.
• Joints: strong and compact with geometry and dimensions projected to enable the max NPSH.
• Transmission shaft with universal pin joint patented pending with bushing guide and transmission guide to enable long endurance and reliability . This is to reduce to a minimum wearing of the pin.
• The bush prevents the substitution of the transmission shaft, reducing maintenance costs and times.
• Rubber sleeves: designed to increase the long activity, with special geometry. Suitable in case of sharp solids in the medium.
• The universal joint is the same for all the range both for cast iron and SS versions. Only difference is the dimensions and materials.
• The rotating parts are in SS. Can also be produced in other materials.
• Is easy to maintenance but not expensive. Fewer components of smaller dimension under wearing.
• The stator seal is integrated at both ends. No O-ring needed.
stator positioned to prevent rotation, thanks to the body parts.
• Large cross section between stator and body, with smooth design, to increase medium suction
• The standard version has a single mechanical seal. Large spectrum of seal solutions: packing seal, double mech.seal and cartridge.
• Modular bearing housing with taper roller bearings. With blocking nut to regulate the perfect preload.
• Easy maintenance of the bearing, considering the compact dimensions. Integrated lubrication system easy and efficient.
• Large solution range for the pump body, outlet flange in order to insert any measuring devices.
• Rotor: available coating and thermal treatments for the management of heavy applications.
• Certifications: Atex II 2G IIB TX and API 676; food grade certif. in the 2012.
• Rational codes for Diamond series refer to the capacity at 400rpm.
Compact design with a good relationship quality/price. Easy installation thanks to the reduced dimensions.
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